Web Design

Web design is the one of the most effective ways in expressing opinions, projects, plans, characteristics and many more aspects that you have. To state it simply, your website is you. Sanal Yazılım, aware of the importance of this concept and takes care of your needs with passion. Web site is an essential key to effective promotion and advertising.

What are the essentials of a great website?


- Website content and information should be organized decntly and reflect the full of you or your company.

- A simple but not simpler way of navigation must be provided to give visitor the best experience.

- The design should also be simple and elegant, user-friendly and easy to understand.

- Structur of the website must match with the corporate structure and forecast.

Not only web design, but also web consulting is an important concept. Our services do not end with the deliver the company's website at the end of the project. After this phase, we also offer advisory services. (Updates if needed, questions and answers, technical advice, and more)