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We produced a new generation of e-commerce software that meets your needs, e-Tüccar!

•Moreover, we let you to open to the world by providing a multi-language support.

•Even more, we ensured that everyone is able to use of electronic commerce with a simple way and easily.


e-Tüccar, a new generation of multi-lingual and electronic commerce software that anyone can manage.


Before you read more of this article, we suggest you to read our article "e-Tacir secrets" which reveals the mysteries of electronic commerce.  If you've already acknowledged the secrets of e-commerce, then we leave you with the e-Tacir.

First, let's talk about the origins of the word "Tüccar".

What is Tüccar?

Occupation acquired a commercial art job within a certain order according to the requirements of the natural or legal person is called merchant. The definition in Turkish Commercial Law; “Anyone who runs a business in its own name, even if part of the commercial is called Merchant.” (matter 14).

Merchant, commercial enterprises can now register the trade register opened, by declaring the relevant means acquires the title. Merchant, should have a commercial distinction should, Keep business notebooks, Economic competition cannot misuse, Fees and interest for his work to,Confirm the receipt of the bill and uses, Commercial law, undertakes to comply with customs and traditions.

General characteristics of the e-Tüccar

User friendly

Functional and simple to use features and a not-so-much more quickly and easily manage your site through the new technologies.

Do not waste time in vain!

Much faster

One of the most important features is that separates us from our competitors, technological and infrastructure with intelligent code, your customers will encounter experience a rate never seen before.
Surprise your customers!

Fully compatible with search engines (Advanced search engine optimization / SEO)

e-Tüccar is 100% compatible with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing  and Yandex.  The product information you full compliance with this complete and in the original e-Tacir, you enter the order in the top of the search engines so the upgrade is not something surprising.
Customers will find you!

Advanced campaign management

By using gift vouchers, advertising, point system and the different types of discounts, you can reach more customers and with it you can increase your sales. Don't forget! Customers come in attractive campaign.
Customers who come, make some money!

Secure and reliable

Thanks to the fully secure membership and payment pages, Customers' personal information and credit card details are in safe hands. Furthermore, if you want to use extra security layer (SSL) which is activated only pages containing important information, e-Tacir is also ready for it! Don't forget!, customer never does the shopping from which s/he experienced a crisis of confidence in a site.
Your customers will feel safe with you!

Customizable blocks

On your site, others should not decision-making on your behalf where the blocks(Basket, member panel, the search box, categories, favorites, etc.) are displayed. You personally, get the block you want to, drag, move to the place of another block, customize the way you want.. Besides, It is not a working hours of, do it  in seconds or minutes.
Do not depend on a template, keep, drag, release. Everything is so easy!

You imagine, we formulate!

You can do it yourself or you can also tell us about your dream design, we do it for you. Don't forget, There is no point that cannot be customized in e-Tüccar. As long as you want...
We are realizing your dreams!

Customizable multi-language support

Would you like to publish your site in multiple languages? Do not worry. e-Tüccar also provides you it. On the top of it, allows you to translate the translations which you do not like by yourself. Additionally, E-Tüccar allows you to create content in different languages ​​in many places like the product information, page titles, contracts, etc.. 
Familiarize yourself with the universal e-commerce software!

Anyone can easily manage 

We claim that anyone who use the computer can easily manage e-Tüccar e-commerce software. As well as without the need for any training.
You're in control!

Versions of the e-Tüccar

•  e-Tüccar apprentice
•  e-Tüccar monitorial
•  e-Tüccar expert