Cookie Policy

1. Abstract

This policy will be valid for the websites owned by Sanal Yazılım Bilgisayar Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi (hereinafter refer to as "SANAL"). This policy has been prepared to explain the use of cookies on the website.

2. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by websites. These files are processed each time the site is visited. Cookies can be used to operate the site and / or to get an idea of the site owner.

3. What data can be collected with cookies?

In website cookies, depending on the type; Data on your browsing and usage preferences on the device you visit is collected.  (e.g. user clicks, browsing behaviors, page access events)

4. Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies for functionality, analysis and advertising. We are looking for ways to improve our site and provide more updated information about our products. It is important for us to understand how you use our site to do this. Cookies can help us provide better experience. For example, you might want to like something that you find interesting on social media or Tweet any content, cookies make they easy.

With cookies; browser type and operating system, reference page, the path followed within the site, and so on collected. All information to be collected through cookies is don’t share SANAL or outside of predetermined Third Parties. It will not be used for unsolicited communication. Cookies on your computer contain your IP address, not your name. The information contained in the cookies cannot be used by us after the user session has ended. The main benefits of using cookies on our website are as follows:

  • To increase the performance of the site,
  • To develop and facilitate the services provided,
  • Presenting new features and personalizing them according to your preferences,
  • Preventing fake (spam) transactions from the site

5. What kind of cookies are used on the SANAL's websites?

We use the following types of cookies:

Cookie TypeStorage Time

a) Website functionality cookies

These cookies allow you to browse and interact with the website. These cookies remember your previous visit to the website, allowing you to easily access the contents. Cookies are necessary for the website to function properly, if you disable it certain parts of the website may not perform the functions for you.

As long as necessary

b) Website analysis cookies

These cookies contains that and used for these; understand how our websites used, which pages attract more attention, which resources are viewed more, to improve functionality and experience, and to see the traffic on our sites. These cookies store information anonymously.

90 days

c) User preference cookies

As you browse our site, these cookies will remember your preferences (such as your language or location) and other information you choose to provide to us, so we will be able to shape your experience and make it more convenient and personal for you.

90 days

d) Advertising cookies

These cookies can be used to remind you of our products you are interested in. It is also used to limit our ads and measure the effectiveness of our campaigns. Your product expectations can be shared with our partners.

90 days

e) Social media cookies

These cookies are used if you share content using a social media share button. The social network will record your actions. May associate this information with targeting / advertising activities.

90 days

6. How do we inform you?

When you enter any the SANAL’s website, there will be an explanation page that warns you about the use of cookies as stated here

7. How can you prevent the use of cookies?

Most browsers accept cookies automatically. However, if you wish, you can refuse cookies by changing the settings of your browser. Please note that if you decline cookies or delete the registered ones, some features and services on our site may not work properly, our site may not be personalized and customized according to your experience. If the related computer is shared; cookie deletion will affect all computer users. You can learn how to change the cookie settings from the support pages of your browser you use.

8. How we update this policy?

We reserve the right to make changes and corrections to this policy. If we make a material change to this policy, we will notify via publish on SANAL’s websites. Such changes to this policy will apply from the effective date specified in the notice or website. We encourage you to check this page regularly for the latest information on our use of cookies.


Last updated: 12.09.2020

We use cookies to enhance user experience, analyze site usage and assist in our marketing efforts. By continuing to browse our site or closing this banner, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to our Cookie Policy.