What is SEO? How to SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It aims to place your website at higher ranks in search engines. 

Why and How to Use SEO?

SEO grants huge advantages in increasing the number of customers, income, authority and branding. Essential steps for SEO are analyzing both your competitors and possible keywords for your website.

Popularity, Naturality and Backlinking

Becoming popular is the key for climbing higher ranks in search engines. It is crucial that your website gets known and shared by others in different channels / platforms. This is how engines understand that you are getting populer, and ranks your website up.

Ensuring your visitors that your content is your own work and natural is a must to increase your popularity and value. Otherwise search engines may lower your rank, or even discard you. 

Backlinking is basically being referred by other pages. When another page backlinks to your website engines visit your page more often and this is another factor that helps you to climb the ladder of popularity. 

What to care about during the process of SEO?

Domain name and its age, tags (title, description, keywords etc), design and age of the website, HTML tags, flawless coding, qualified indexing, in-page and out-page links, number of visitors, publishing a unique and natural content are the important elements you should care about. 

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