Drowning in a sea of ​​E-Commerce

Do you not have an e-commerce?

If you have never been analyze the web and mobile traffic information so far, to get past!

I wonder if those who comes to your site are customers?

Do you know how or in what way, visitors came to your site?

Is the purpose of the visitors to take the product?

Then, there is no problem?

Visitor statistics is a real treasure, you know?

Let's now look at how you can develop your business by looking at the visitor statistics.

Using the resources

While doing business, you transferred everyting that you can reach and everything at your fingertips to your trade. If you had a magic wand which says to you that you can win even more, would you use?

Magic wand is the unique statistics for your visitors!

According to May 2012 survey, half of adults is the owner a smart phone. Half of smartphone owners have access to the internet via their phones. So even though other smartphone owners've never access to internet via their phones, what they have been made?

Anyway, you may have already noticed that this is how meaningless information. According to there are 250 million adults in the United States, this means that there are 125 million smart phone.

In this instance;  it does not matter who is your target audience or what you're selling.  and the information, which states in the previous paragraph, is only applicable to the U.S. Whereas, there are 6 billion mobile (smart phone) user in the world that you will not mind.

Almost everyone has a mobile phone! Besides, why should you care what  these people are doing when they are online? what would be the importance of being one of every seven request is smarth phone in China and India? When examined to electronic payments, it has been identified that there is an increase of 15% in online sales. Since 2010, the power of mobile sites is doubled, there was no sign of slowing down, even during the holiday season.

Why is this important?

Until your escaped cows return home, we will continue to convey to you that counts. Possibly you will have an idea like this; "Um, mobile sales spread over time"! But the thing that overlooked is; your customers will be bored to wait at the head of the desktop pc, their attention will shift to Amazon where they can access from any location!

If you look at the statistics, you will have real knowledge about your customer resource. You will notice that, people from all walks of life come into your inventory and buy your products.

How do you make the right marketing without knowing what do they love and what they did not like? And the important detail; how buyers, who come to your site with touch screen tablet, will visit your site which is prepared for pc?

It should be noted that smartphones are not identical. As well as the use of Android is not same with the use of iPhone, the use of tablet is also different. If you prepare your site as all look the same, your path is seperated with a lot of customers after a period of time. Blackberry users have not even mentioned!

What do you do if you find that the majority of your visitors is blackberry owners trackballs but no visitor with Android? In this case, do not have to prepare a specific site for BlackBerrys? Are not you consider the idea which contains "How navigable better with trackball?" ? This, are not simplifies the shopping?

Mobile consumers are not lost yet! Electronic commerce sites can outcome of their efforts If they act quickly for mobile content.

If no mobile content, mobile consumer may be lost!

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